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Press Release 19 August ENG

Press release 
Varik, August 19 
At the invitation of UNESCO and the EU:
Henry Mentink left Varik on April 22, walking with his wheelbarrow, filled with bags of soil from more than 75 countries. And arrived in Paris on June 7 at the UNESCO headquarters with the aim of listing the entire Earth on the World Heritage List. Many people had sent him soil from their garden, made a donation, and expressed a wish for the Earth. “It is impossible to place the Earth on the World Heritage List, but it is a good idea,” said the Secretary General of UNESCO Netherlands, prior to the Wheelbarrow Trip. Partly due to encouraging calls from Unesco and the EU, Varik is already busy thinking and discussing an appropriate follow-up.
Henry Mentink: “Wheelbarrow Trip was a great success; beyond expectations in terms of great initiatives and encounters along the way, great receptions and the publicity that exceeded all our expectations. Our idea is to match the phrase of UNESCO that says: “The whole Earth on the World Heritage List is not possible, but it is a good idea.” Our plan therefore is to organize another Wheelbarrow Trip in 2024 in which we show what, for example, the Veerhuis is “World Heritage Worthy”. We will also continue to encourage other initiatives in this regard. UNESCO also encourages us in this, as we learned in a recent conversation. The EU is also positive about this.”
More information:
When clicking [ https://bit.ly/3PA3E0i (*)] you’ll find a summary documentary on the whole Wheelbarrow Trip. Relax and enjoy this 20′ documentary as a 45-day pilgrimage for the Earth, as a kind of play in 45 acts.

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