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For the Earth

the whole Earth on the World Heritage List

Henry Mentink: “I started sharing cars and now I want to share the whole Earth. When we listen closely to the Earth, we can hear and see that we are exhausting her. We also see and feel that we must take good care of her if we want a livable Earth for the next seven generations. That is why I want to place the Earth on the World Heritage List.” “It is not possible at all, but it is a good idea,” says the Secretary-General of UNESCO Netherlands. Henry, and more and more others, take this as a nice encouragement.

“It is not possible at all, but it is a good idea,” says the Secretary-General of UNESCO Netherlands.

Er ontstond een simpel idee dat inmiddels veel weerklank vindt. We plaatsen gewoon de hele Aarde op de Werelderfgoedlijst van de UNESCO. Dat gaan we doen! En eigenlijk is dat heel eenvoudig; ik loop gewoon met een kruiwagen aarde naar het hoofdkantoor van de UNESCO in Parijs en ga letterlijk de hele Aarde aanbieden.

One of the first meetings with UNESCO, I was one of them, to hear him, “That's not it, but it's a good idea”. It felt like an invitation, and soon, I will be speaking with the director of the UNESCO, in the Netherlands.

In the meantime, the campaign for the Craw through, just before the new year starts, and after a couple of weeks to do that is already more than fifty people. I am so thankful that I write about in the paper, the soil can be allowed to write and to call each person in order to do so, and to the Earth, on the world Heritage list of the UNESCO world heritage list.

I want to go on, and take of love and courage.
Het idee van de Krui-tocht naar de UNESCO in Parijs ontstond begin juni 2021 terwijl ik vanuit het Veerhuis in Varik in de prachtige natuur van de uiterwaarden de nieuw uitgezette Pilgrimage in a Day aan het proeflopen was. Deze wandeling in de natuur bracht mij helderheid en het zaadje, dat al in mij besloten lag, is vanaf dat moment snel gaan groeien.

You would be walking a lot, to Paris, to new inspiration to be able to wake up To in the World. A lot of which is, literally, the Earth. The earth from the gardens, the fields and farms of thousands of people from all over the world. I want to go on, and take of love and courage. Time to take a concrete look at the route to go. How far is it? And how do I then take my place and where I want to go? I have a entered a planner, and I'm then have a look at the initiatives that are on the route.

And guess what? That is almost a straight line, every 10 to 15 miles up to doing great things for the world to realize it. Think of it as a voedselbos, several organic farms, and a hofarts that patients will be “Droomgaard,” a kinderceremonie of the Earth, the Eco-Tree, etc.). All forms of the natural way of living with the Earth. How could this be! So it could be that there's a lot more work than I realized? This gives me a lot of confidence in this Craw-trek. The Jacket is part of a network of a lot of great people, and initiatives. In order to find it in a straight line, and the entire Earth will take place, which is a very, very good. Could that possibly apply to each and every line that we are on the Earth?  

I've been to a lot of places on the Earth are really beautiful and inspiring to people and initiatives that are in their own way, to connect with the Earth.

the whole Earth on the World Heritage List

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