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Press Release 20 April ENG

Press release 

Varik, April 20 

 “High time to put the whole Earth on the World Heritage List!” 

 Walking with a wheelbarrow full of earth from Varik (The Netherlands) to Paris 

On April 22, 2022, at 10:00 am, on Earth Day, Henry Mentink will start a special wheelbarrow journey from his Veerhuis in Varik , 8 Waalbandijk – NL: a Pilgrimage for the Earth. He then walks in 45 days with his wheelbarrow to the UNESCO headquarters in Paris to place the entire Earth on the World Heritage List on June 5, 2022.

Along the way, Mentink visits various locations, all of which have a relationship with sustainability. For example, he stops at a special orchard near Antwerp-Belgium and in a residential community in northern France.

Henry Mentink: “I started sharing cars and now I want to share the whole Earth. When we listen closely to the Earth, we can hear and see that we are exhausting her. We also see and feel that we must take good care of her if we want a livable Earth for the next seven generations. That is why I want to place the Earth on the World Heritage List.”  

“It is not possible at all, but it is a good idea,” says the Secretary-General of UNESCO Netherlands. Henry, and more and more others, take this as a nice encouragement.  

More than 100 people have already joined part of the wheelbarrow tour  

In preparation, Henry drew a straight line from Varik to Paris. He discovered that every 10 kilometers there are all kinds of initiatives and people who already take care of each other and the Earth.  

Many of these initiatives now support this Pilgrimage for the Earth. The wheelbarrow carries a special load. People from more than 70 countries have already sent a bag of soil, a donation and a wish for the earth to Varik. More contributions and pilgrims are welcome! 

More information:  
Frans-Willem Deliën 
Phone: +31 6 38 600 504 
Email: media@wheelbarrow-walk.com 

Information about the 45 days of this Pilgrimage For the Earth, the initiatives along the straight line and much more can also be found at: