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Press release 1 june ENG


Press release

Varik, June 1, 2022
“High time to put the whole Earth on the World Heritage List!”
Henry Mentink arrives at UNESCO headquarters in Paris on June 7 at 2:30 pm am reaching the final destination of his Wheelbarrow-Walk
Pilgrimage for the Earth
On April 22, 2022, Earth Day, Henry Mentink – from his Veerhuis (Ferry House) in Varik (Gelderland, in the Netherlands) – kicked off his special Wheelbarrow Walk: a Pilgrimage for the Earth. Henry then walks in 45 days with his Wheelbarrow full of pouches of soil from more than 75 countries to UNESCO headquarters in Paris in order to put the entire Earth on the World Heritage List on June 7, 2022.
Programme on June 7 from: 2:30 pm
UNESCO headquarters : 7 Place de Fontenoy in 75007 Paris
“Hundreds of tablespoons of soil from more than 80 countries”
Henry Mentink arrives at UNESCO headquarters along with other Pilgrims For the Earth at 2:30 pm with his Wheelbarrow carrying hundreds of tablespoons of soil from more than 80 countries.
Henry Mentink: “A tablespoon…because we all eat what Mother Earth gives us. All those people who sent us a bit of soil from their garden also made a donation and expressed a wish for the Earth.”
Henry will present to Mr. Eloundou Assomo, Director UNESCO World Heritage Centre, a list of all those wishes, including a special list of wishes from people living in Paris.
Subsequently, Henry will hand over a vial containing a mixture of all the pouches of soil we collected. This soil carries and reflects the spirit of our intent based on love for the Earth and our purpose to care for her.
Henry Mentink: “Just like our visit to the European Commission in Brussels (May 5), we would like two things. The first one is the formal handing over of our Manifesto for the Earth. The second one is to stage a short Earth Peace Ceremony. We take a tablespoon of soil form the UNESCO garden and mix it with the rest of the soil we managed to collect during our trip whilst singing a very short song of 4 sentences in honor of Mother Earth. Finally, we request UNESCO to put the entire Earth on the World Heritage List.”
The Straight Line from Varik to Paris
 “It is not possible at all, but it is a good idea”, stated the Secretary-General of UNESCO Netherlands, prior to the start of the Wheelbarrow trip.
Henry, and more and more others, consider this as a nice encouragement.
In preparation, Henry drew a Straight Line from Varik to Paris. He discovered that every 10 kilometers there are all kinds of initiatives and people who already care for each other and the Earth. Many of these initiatives now support this Pilgrimage for the Earth. Along the way, Henry visits many different locations, all of which have a lasting relationship with the Earth.
By coincidence, the Straight Line also passed through Brussels, where the EU is located. On May 5, Henry, together with a number of like-minded influential organizations from Belgium and the Netherlands, had a conversation with the cabinet of Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the European Commission, to bring up the subject of land ownership, and to inspire them to consider the Earth as ‘common’, and include it in the Green Deal.
The Wheelbarrow has a special load that grows daily. People from more than 75 countries have already sent a pouch of soil as well a donation, and a wish for the Earth to Varik.
Meanwhile, more and more and more people walk along with Henry every day, including people from the press.
It goes without saying that more contributions and pilgrims are most welcome to walk together For the Earth!
For more information please contact:
Frans-Willem Deliën 
Tél.: +31 6 38 600 504
All other information as regards the 45 days of this Pilgrimage For the Earth as well information on all of the initiatives taken along the Straigth Line, and much more can be found on: