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initiatives on a straight line

Peace, Connection, and Love

to be recognized on each straight line on Earth

Op 22 april 2022 zet Henry om 10 uur de eerste stap vanuit het Veerhuis in Varik richting de UNESCO in Parijs met allemaal buideltjes aarde van over de hele Aarde met bijgevoegde wensen.

When the idea came up, Henry typed Varik into Google Maps and then clicked the walking icon with the final destination Paris. And what did he see? A straight line. And what did he find on that line? Dozens of great initiatives for the Earth. This transcends national borders, creed, gender or any apparent difference. Just live well in connection with the Earth and by taking care of her, you also take care of yourself and your relationships.

So we discovered that caring for the Earth with love has already started everywhere. We're going to visit a lot of initiatives to show how much beauty is going on in the world! It cannot be otherwise than that on every straight line over the Earth there is much more beautiful people taking care of the Earth and each other with love and attention.

Go and investigate: Draw a straight line from your hometown to any place on the world map and find the many beautiful things that are already going on. For example people with shovels working in an organic field.

Recently, the artist duo Huub and Adelheid Kortekaas, just like the Ferry House did, donated part of their country estate back to the Earth; the Earth is for Everyone. These are examples that we are making visible with the Wheelbarrow-Walk to Paris. Awakening the desire to look at the Earth differently and to put caring for it first. Treat the Earth and each other peacefully and lovingly.


The Wheelbarrow-Walk in a straight line

Dashboard Krui-tocht Varik – UNESCO in Parijs
Alle 45 dagen, data en locaties overzichtelijk in beeld. Deze pagina zal regelmatig worden geüpdatet.

Krui-Tocht Dashboard Varik – Parijs

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